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Contract Repair Agreement

NOTICE PURSUANT TO SECTION 70.007 TEXAS PROPERTY CODE: I am the person, or agent acting on behalf of the person who is obligated to pay for the repair of the motor vehicle listed above that is subject to repair contact. I understand that the vehicle is subject to repossession in accordance with Section 9.503 of the Texas Business & Commerce Code. If a written order for payment for repairs of the vehicle is stopped, dishonored because of insufficient funds, no funds or because the drawer or maker of the order has no account for the account on which it is drawn or the account has been closed.

Please remove all valuable personal items from your vehicle. Eagle Collision Paint & Body Shop is not responsible for personal items left in your vehicle. Mechanical repairs are guaranteed for thirty days. We offer no guarantee on rust repairs. We accept checks in most cases. Eagle offers one discount per repair job. All discounts offered via coupons, flyers, yellow pages and/or verbal, must be discussed with Eagle estimator/manager prior to repair.

The estimate of damages to your vehicle is based on our initial inspection and does not cover additional parts or labor after the work has been opened up. If the repairs are not completed a $45.00 daily parking and security fee; Plus a $500.00 tear down fee will be charged. Two working days after notification of completion there will be a $45.00 daily parking and security fee until your vehicle is released. Admin fee $275.00

I hereby authorize Eagle Collision Repair Center, Inc. to repair methods that are reasonably merchantable in the auto repair industry. The repair methods may include repairing original equipment manufactured parts listed for replacement or replacing original equipment manufactured parts with like, kind & quality replacement part. And give my permission to operate on my vehicle on public roadways, for the purpose of testing.

Upon acceptance of the terms, with your e-signature below, this agreement becomes your service contract. Old parts removed from your vehicle will be junked unless otherwise instructed. By signing this agreement I am giving Eagle Collision Repair Center, Inc permission to transport my vehicle as needed for repairs and test drive. I authorize Eagle Collision to act as Power of attorney to sign insurance checks to pay for damages to above vehicle.

In addition, by signing this work authorization form, you are authorizing Eagle Collision Repair Center to work off the insurance estimates.

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